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  • All Applicators are State Licensed, implementing the latest in integrated pest control management techniques.
  • BugBuster, Inc. serves 11 counties in Northern and Central Ohio.
  • We specialize in WDI Inspections for Real Estate Transactions.
Other Services include, but are not limited to:

bbredstar Exterior Barrier Service for Wasp and General Insect Control

bbredstarCommercial/Residential Monthly or Quarterly Service is available

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Stinging insects can be gathered (without using insecticide) for medical research. They can be dug out of the ground, clipped from shrubs, or removed from structures. The insects are quickly frozen to keep their venom from spoiling. They are then sorted by sex (males do not have a stinger or venom). The females are shipped off (packed in dry ice) to the medical labs for research on arthritis, allergies, & anaphylactic shock studies.