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tinytbblogois offering a preventative wasp and bee service to your home. For over 30 years we have been able to protect our client’s homes from stinging insects. Yellow Jackets and Hornets are a large problem in Ohio. Factors such as unseasonably warm winter, mature landscaping and mulch around your home, all attribute to insect survival.

Target insects include (Bald Faced Hornets, European Hornets, German Yellow Jackets and Paper Wasps). (This application should not be considered a standalone Carpenter Bee treatment. Additional fees may apply for Carpenter Bee servicing.)

We will begin the Exterior Barrier Reduction Applications in Northern Ohio Communities on or around April 16th, 2022. Weather permitting a service technician should be applying your preventative reduction application as soon after that date as we can. Our follow up services continues to your home through September 15, 2022. This exterior barrier reduction application is applied with a power spray rig to the outside of your home and foundation.

Pre registration for this program is $154.78 if payment is received before March 31, 2022.  Registration after April 1, 2022 will be $186.81. In the interim, if you have questions regarding our service, please contact our office at your convenience.  Questions can be forwarded thru our web site or Contact Page or call us at 330-650-2858.

*Suggest your Window Washing be scheduled after our Exterior Barrier Application is done.

*ADD $26.69 per item for Playsets, Gazebo, Hot Tub, Sheds, Barns

*A Nest in the Ground, Bush, Shrub, or Tree will have an additional fee to remove the hive.